Adult Individual Therapy

Whether you are anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lonely, self-critical, stuck in recurring patterns, or experiencing the impacts of trauma and wounds, old or new, I work with you collaboratively to gain a sense of control in your life and to heal.


Adolescents have added pressures and insecurities from peer pressure. I work closely with adolescents to push though the uncertainties and work on increasing self confidence. 

Parenting Support

Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Worried about the job you are doing as a parent? I offer support to parents of toddlers, young children, tweens, and adolescents using the techniques offered by Positive Discipline.

Post Partum Depression/Anxiety

Having a baby is an exciting yet life changing event. It's important to ask for help if you're experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Working with a therapist and getting the help needed can help you get to a happier and better place as a mother. You're not alone although it may feel isolating at times. 

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