About Limor

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Limor has years of experience as a prominent psychotherapist working in schools, residential homes and in hospital settings (Kaiser Permanante). A graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute, a school of Professional Psychology, Limor grew up in Los Angeles and attended college in Santa Barbara. She began her counseling career in a school setting, working with emotionally disturbed children and their families. This unique and rewarding experience has furthered her appreciation for the tools needed for positive parenting and Limor became a Certified Positive Discipline Coach. Furthering her education and experience, Limor worked at Kaiser Permanante in the adult outpatient department, where she used evidence-based therapies focusing on identifying and challenging current thinking patterns, as well as past familial and personal experiences to change lives from the inside out.  

Limor is known as an interactive, personable, non judgmental and direct therapist that creates a comfortable and safe therapeutic environment for her clients. She treats adolescents and adults who are seeking to improve their lives and relationships.

​In her work she helps individuals with depression, anxiety, work stress, and challening life transitions, offering unique opportunities to work through difficulties by teaching tools necessary for developing insight and putting insight into action to help clients live a rich, meaningful life.

Outside the office, Limor likes to spend time with her family in the outdoors, travel, cook and hang out on the couch reading a good book. She enjoys all that Los Angeles has to offer and likes exploring new restaurants and hiking trails.

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Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues

Eating and Body Image

Parenting- Positive Discipline

Loss and Grief

Coping with Loved Ones Mental Illness