Meet Limor


Limor Dagan is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist  who has a passion for helping adults, children, adolescents and families overcome their struggles and find a peaceful meaning. Her therapeutic approach is grounded in establishing a trusting and honest relationship with her clients. She offers feedback and guidance while encouraging and guiding her clients to live more peacefully in their day to day.  

I would be honored to hear your story


The decision to start psychotherapy is significant as it often means that you are suffering in some way or you've realized that what you've been doing is no longer working, and you are seeking change in your life. I love being a therapist. I am in constant awe of the capacity that humans have for self-transformation. I love watching my clients shift and change….shaking off old patterns and becoming the people they know themselves to be deep down. I am exceedingly privileged to do this work. My clients inspire me by their courage to show up to my office–because at a fundamental level they know they deserve, and can really have, a better life.

"In order to succeed, we must first believe we can"